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For myself I will say...

The Name of the Rose - Story of the Thugz (repost of an earlier blog)


The Thugz! ? Yes, the Thugz. It's always interesting when our band ventures into a new geographical area and some folks react vwith horror to our "name". To our local fans and ourselves it is such a non issue. How did we end up- with this moniker anyway? Well, long, long ago in a bar not so far away.....


Skull & Roses come & gone "my oh my"


The Thugz have been as far...

Goin' Down the Road


Away we go...........................

After the Flood


stay tuned



Trying to keep warm....

Oh Well



Ramble On



I was so much older then...


Ever since I got the Byrds album "Younger Than Yesterday..



Live CD! Outside Inside - Thugz originals

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The THUGZ at A.T.&T Park

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