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Mike's Rants

After the Flood


stay tuned



Trying to keep warm....

Oh Well



Ramble On



I was so much older then...


Ever since I got the Byrds album "Younger Than Yesterday..



Free is Killing Music!


I don't mean the band "Free" (btw - a great group with Paul Rodgers before "Bad Company" (All Right Now,etc). I am just mentioning that music, especially live music, has become so de-valued that it is having an impact on venues and musicians.

Summertime done come & gone my oh my!


Another season of music making is winding down. Thugz still have a few more shows before we go into winter semi-hibernation but overall it has been a blast.

Big Bro Show


Big Brother & the Holding Company, yes!

How to prevent Your Favorite Bands from Playing at Your Favorite Venues


Two Easy Steps

Blue is the Color


Most thugz shows occur in what could be called humble or funky environments but once in while we get to do our thing in a more deluxe environment. Such was the case when we ventured east

Live CD! Outside Inside - Thugz originals

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The THUGZ at A.T.&T Park

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THUGZ performance on video page!