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Bob Season

For the Thugz it's Bob Dylan season about this time every year. On May 20 at Rio Nido Roadhouse we will present our 8th Annual Bob Dylan Night. His birthday is May 24 so we figure it's as good a time as any to play an evening of his music. Although we don't think of ourselves as a "tribute" band we do perform two "tributes" each year; One for Dylan and one for Jerry Garcia. These are the two musical forces that most influence our music. We don't try to play things exactly like these two masters but rather take the general style and play the songs in our way. Sometimes it's close to the original version and sometimes not. We get criticized, especially by some Deadheads, for not sounding like Jerry or not playing things at the right temp, etc. But hey, so what? What is common with both Dylan and Jerry's music are masterful song writing, roots in traditional folk music, flexible arrangements and improvisation. These elements are very important to the way the Thugz play.

 Not everyone has been following Dylan for his whole career so sometimes there is head scratching and bewilderment at his various performance methods. I have pretty much been listening since he first appeared and have always found his music to be very satisfying. Most folks are familiar with his 60's songs but in fact much of his best material is from the 90's and beyond.

 There are so many songs but we will play ones from various periods which will include some well known classics and a few more obscure tunes. Contributing to the show will be "The Front" who did such a great performance last year and "Tumbleweed Soul" which is our own Stephanie with partner Adam Walsh (Jug Dealers). Steph will really be working as she also plays bass with the Front.  Also with the Thugz will be Terry Ann Gillette on fiddle.

We hope you can join us for this fun night of Nobel Prize winning music. With  good weather, which looks promising, this show will be outdoors under the stars and redwoods.

 In the meantime this week has the Thugz playing at Northwood on 4/20 and an Earth day Celabration in Sebastopol on 4/22.

Lots of Thugz music coming your way!

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How'd the Dylan show go, Mike?
Sounds like great fun!
Sounds like great fun!

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