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Mike's Rants

October not off to a good start


A bad day all around for Vegas and music with the horrible shooting and also the loss of Tom Petty. 

Grateful part 2



Grateful part 1


Hello everyone. We've come to the end of summer once again so thought I might throw out a few thoughts regarding our recent series of shows, gigs or whatever you want to call them.


Mike's Basic Kazoo & Harmonica Lesson



Summer of Love


Summer is here (though not officially just yet). The band is heading up to our annual show at Wavy Gravy's "Camp Winnarainbow" for the adult camp dance. The following week the horde of happy kids descend on the camp for several sessions of fun & inspiration.

Bob Season


For the Thugz it's Bob Dylan season

Onward Through the Mist


The THUGZ are back at it.

Summer in the Zone


Summer and Jerry Celebration

Time of the Season


I always liked the Zombie's song "Time of the Season". I am not sure why. It always reminds me of driving around  with the windows open in the summertime



arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhagragagafhjdkdk!!!!!   and that is just for today

New CD! Outside Inside

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The THUGZ at A.T.&T Park

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