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Mike's Rants

Dead of Winter


                                     Dead of Winter

Well, it is certainly winter here. It's not as bad as many have it back East but it has been pretty cold. Temps have been down in the 20's at night, fish pond has frozen over (the fish are in a kind of suspended animation under the ice),everything is crunchy underneath your feet and we are going through fire wood at a rapid pace. So glad to have Richard and his firewood stash close by up the road.

Is it live or is it Memorex?


In general I am not at all sure that everything was better in the good old days but i know that one things was:



Drew & Mike   (looks like we are in the key of B)

August Thought


The Name of the Rose - Story of the Thugz


The Thugz! ? Yes, the Thugz. It's always interesting when our band ventures into a new geographical area and some folks react vwith horror to our "name". To our local fans and ourselves it is such a non issue. How did we end up- with this moniker anyway? Well, long, long ago in a bar not so far away.....

Good Guys


Hi Y'all,

  Well, iguess it's time to start ranting. Because things have been quite hectic & busy lately (a new grandson! & we are in the middle of moving up the road) I'll take the easy way out for now. Go to the following link and enter the code for a free download of a song called "Good Guys"  that the thugz have been playing. So far it is an unrecorded political rant. The version here is a rough one man band version.

code: thugzwestcounty


thanks for your interest & support,


Live CD! Outside Inside - Thugz originals

Listen to live THUGZ here!

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The THUGZ at A.T.&T Park

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THUGZ performance on video page!