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Mike's Rants

Onward Through the Mist

The THUGZ are back at it. We took a few months off (Nov. - Jan.) to recoup and rest a bit. I especially needed the time. The band has been playing in one form or another since 2001. We have had ups and downs but the music still seems to work and give pleasure to listeners and band members alike. When we resumed gigging in February we didn't know how things would go musically or even if any people would come to hear us. Fortunately things worked and we were over joyed at the the response. Thanks you so much thugz fans!            We all miss Sylvia as we know you do also. She has had a very hard time but things are looking up for her.

 The current band line up is Chris-bass, Andre-guitar/vocals, Stephanie-uke/vocals, myself-guitar/trumpet/vocals. Russ Kerger-keyboards/sax and on drums John Shebalin & Rick Cutler. (Russ by the way, is our original keyboard player from back in the day when we had an s at the end of our name instead of z). For the story of our "name" you can read an earlier post of mine called "The Name of the Rose". We have had many great players throughout the years but this line up is really well suited for improvisation and taking the music way out. We are only just beginning.  We also still have sound wizard Drew Carpenter.

 We are working on doing our Thugz Thursday series once again. We have had an incredible run with that - 3 years at the Blue Heron, 3 Years at the Pink Elephant, 3 Years at Northwood, 1/2 a year at the River Theater and now back at Northwood where there is a new management. We are not sure if the Thursday night shows will attract enough people to continue but we are there now. The set up in the venue is much better for us and the new owners are really good. Come check it out soon.

 Speaking of venues, the Redwood Cafe in Cotati is really becoming a hot spot for music. There is an improved stage, sound & video system as well as the great food and drink. We are there usually each month or so.

 Coming on May will be our annual "Bob Dylan Tribute Show" - a night of Nobel prize winning music in various configurations. Opening the show will be "The Front" as well as an appearance by "Tumbleweed Soul". Also joining us will be Terry Ann on the fiddle. It will be Dylan all night at the Rio Nido Roadhouse.

That's it for now. I'll try to keep posting just in case someone out there is reading.


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Glad to see you and the band are back, Mike!
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