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Summer of Love

Summer is here (though not officially just yet). The band is heading up to our annual show at Wavy Gravy's "Camp Winnarainbow" for the adult camp dance. The following week the horde of happy kids descend on the camp for several sessions of fun & inspiration.

 There have been and will continue to be lots of "Summer of Love" events this year marking the 50th anniversary of the original so-called summer. Actually the term was kind of a commercialization of the vibe & scene happening in San Francisco at the time. In fact it pretty much put an end to the whole thing and sent the hippies and other like minded folks scattering away. Even so, the time spawned a lot of great music, art and positive things that still resonate today. For that reason we will accept the "Summer of Love" term and attempt in our small way to "furthur' the good things from those days. We really need a dose of love in the world right now. So the THUGZ will continue on the path, remembering the past and adapting the "hippie thing" to meet the challenges of the future. Why not? The good still exists even though it may be underground right now. So off we go to live it up with Wavy! Thanks everyone for being a part of it all.

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Have a great show, Mike!

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