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Mike's Rants

Summertime done come & gone my oh my!


Another season of music making is winding down. Thugz still have a few more shows before we go into winter semi-hibernation but overall it has been a blast. The current version of the band has really begun coming into it's own. We have been working to do more free form jamming in our sets. Sometimes it's not appropriate for some venues but the last couple of months have seen us venturing outside a bit more. Musically, I think some of our best performances have been the Rio Nido Dylan show, Sebastopol Community Center with Joe Craven, our Jerry Celebration and Rio Nido with Big Brother & the Holding Co. There are some others but right now those are what come to mind.  And of course the extra special Love Fest with Sylvia's dynamic return performance.

 The return of fall puts me in the "now what" mode. Should we take a break, write & record new tunes, morph into something else, call it a day, etc? Whatever happens I have such a special place in my heart for the band. The group has gone through numerous changes since our start back in 2001 but has somehow we keep chugging along. Russ and I were there at the beginning and he has now returned, Chris has been with the band  since way back and Andre since the Pink Elephant days. Steph has been singing with us off and on since the Blue Heron days whenever that was (around 2005 maybe). Drummer John, who is a superior jazz player, has really gotten a handle on our style and drives the band solidly. Once in a while when Chris is unavailable we have been fortunate to have John Norris more than ably fill the bass slot. John also plays in my jazz duo "Puffinhorn" where I get to play a lot of trumpet.

 Anyway, into fall we go. Stay tuned.

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I love the pic, Mike! It's always grand to see Sylvia! And a great read about the show. One day, a 45, EP, or LP? That'd be amazing! Cheers, THUGZ!

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