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Mike's Rants

Time to Get it Up Again

It's been a while since my last rant but I have been trying. I wrote a huge one that suddenly disappeared before I could publish it. Maybe it was for the best but it kind of discouraged me from writing for a while. Anyway, here we go again. It's time for another season of thugz music. Since last time I wrote we have had a few quite cool shows  like the Dead of Winter acoustic dinner/concert and also some fun Thugz Thursdays at Rio Nido Roadhouse. Mostly though we have been in semi hibernation but will soon bust out with some new dates, songs and fun release from the stress of these days.

We really appreciate all the support and interest that thugz fans have shown over the years. Our weird little scene seems to strike a chord (!) with so many of you. That is what really inspires us to continue and get it up again.

 Currently we are booking spring and winter dates plus also working on coming up with new original tunes, getting our chops in shape and making plans to really enjoy and cherish the people, places and sounds to come.

Some random stuff: our keyboard/sax man Russ suffered a broken ankle recently and is healing at home . He expects to be back in action by our 4/21 Redwood Cafe show. He has also been writing a bunch of new songs which will start to appear in our sets. Russ was one of the founding members of the band and it is great to have him back.

Hey, Andre will now be moving from early morning to mid day on the krush 95.9 on April 9. Much better for a working musician to not have to get up at 5 a.m.

Coming up in July we will be playing with Big Brother & the Holding Company in Ives Park, Sebastopol. Even though they have only two original members (the rest have sadly passed) they still have a dynamic sound and are a direct link to the San Francisco scene of the 60's. That is something special for us.

Drew, our sound dude, still will do our big shows but he is experiencing great success as a sound engineer all over the greater Bay Area. He is a regular engineer at the Blue Note in Napa among other venues. Yay!  (hey can we get a gig there Drew?)

 I am going to sign off now before all this goes away - back soon and thanks for reading.



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Time to Get on the Move! Mike, next time there's an instrumental show in your area, You, Putnam, and me, plus any and all the rest of the THUGZ should perform! "Walk, don't Run", "This Boy", and "Ferry Across the Mercy"! Back to where it all began! Gl├╝cklicher aufstrebender Geburtstag, Bussard!
Great read, Mike! Sounds like a great year ahead! So when will you and the band be heading down my way (Santa Cruz)? Flynn's is now open and it's an amazing dinner club where China cats and other bands are scheduled to play. It'd be great to see the THUGZ there or at Moe's, Joe's Bar, or Michael's on Main.

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