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Mike's Rants

Truckin' with Blackie

We had a very cool evening of music with another Sonoma county band "Solid Air" last night in Cotati. What a great band they are with beautiful originals and some rockin' Beatles arrangements. We are hoping to do more events with them this coming year.

 My regular truck, the big Ford, is in the shop so I found myself scrambling to get transport. Of course I could call on some other thugz to pick me up but I wanted to avoid that as I live in a pretty remote location in the hills. So I called on "Blackie", my beater Mazda and veteran  of untold river gigs.  Many nights I had to get a push to get home from the River Theater? (thanks Lee). Anyway the old truck has been sitting in semi retirement for a year or so I  put in a new battery, got rid of spider webs, cleaned away the mildew, duct taped the seats back together, taped the license light back on, emptied the rain water in the bed, put a new sticker on the dash and loaded up. I also had to keep my fingers crossed that when it was time to go home that the headlights would actually turn on (they did! but I had to use pliers).

 OK! All good!.  Entering Cotati though I was pulled over by the local police. Too many Dead stickers? After giving my papers to the young lady officer I sat and sat. Eventually she came back and informed me that my trailer hitch ball was obstructing the license plate. After promising to remove it I took off to the gig. I wondered if i could remove it at all. It has been there since I received the truck long ago and is quite rusted on. Anyway, Blackie and I had a nice trip home later and are ready for a new odyssey. One really cool thing is Blackie seems to use little or no gas. Very helpful that is!  By the way, thanks to all the fans that showed up and paid to get into the show. I was able to get groceries today!  On to Rio Nido next week. I do wish Blackie had a music system though. Lately I have taken to driving with a harmonica and holder around my neck practicing Dylan tunes. I better not do it in Cotati.

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Dangnabbit, CAPTCHAs! I keep forgetting to do this! Anyway, great story about stupid situations that occur in life that shouldn't! As if that officer couldn't get your info. by just calling in the numbers and letters that could be seen. I have a gut feeling the person was after you. Like Muscaleno's Head, you may not be wrong to be parinoid of what's watching you!

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