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Winter Beans & Stuff

Well, not much about beans. I just wanted to show this picture of pickled green beans from our garden.

We had a really fun holiday show at Rio Nido Roadhouse this past weekend, one of our best ever maybe. The place was packed and it was Sunday night! Antway, it was good to see so many long time fans and some new ones as well. It was a fine way to end this year of gigs. I think we are getting re-energized  and ready for a real good 2018. We have introduced a few new original tunes and there are more on the way as well.

 I had a weird experience at my regular solo dinner music gig on Monday. The restaurant was closed to the public and was hosting a party for a local winery and it's employees. The acoustics in the room are a bit tricky to work with and on this night particularly so. The folks were really enjoying themselves and their combined volume was like an ocean roar. Anyway, I could barely hear myself but I just keep playing (musical wallpaper). I started in on Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush". I couldn't really hear my guitar at all . When I came to the second verse suddenly the entire room of people joined in on "I felt like getting high" and then back like before. it was such a shock. It made the whole night. Oh, I believe there were some green beans served.

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Have a great weekend, Mike and THUGZ!
Glad it all turned out!

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