Big Bro Show

   Peter Albin & I

Big Brother & the Holding Company, Yes!   Big Brother has always been one of my favorite of the great San Francisco bands. One upon a time as a teenager I attended the "Santa Clara Folk Rock…

Blue is the Color

Most thugz shows occur in what could be called humble or funky environments but once in while we get to do our thing in a more deluxe environment. Such was the case when we ventured east to Napa and the…

Jazzin' it Up a Bit

Spring! April started out with a mess of showers but as the song says, "they bring the flowers that bloom on May".

Lots of Thugz stuff coming up and also a few side trips. One thing I have been working…

Time to Get it Up Again

It's been a while since my last rant but I have been trying. I wrote a huge one that suddenly disappeared before I could publish it. Maybe it was for the best but it kind of discouraged me from writing…

Winter Beans & Stuff

Well, not much about beans. I just wanted to show this picture of pickled green beans from our garden.

We had a really fun holiday show at Rio Nido Roadhouse this past weekend, one of our best ever maybe. The…

Truckin' with Blackie

We had a very cool evening of music with another Sonoma county band "Solid Air" last night in Cotati. What a great band they are with beautiful originals and some rockin' Beatles arrangements. We are hoping to do more events…


winter looks good after all

October off to a bad start, only got worse with the horrible fire storm. We feel blessed to have been in a much less affected area. Some band members did come close to evacuating and many, many friends lost everything…



Sitting on the deck here in Cazadero I just heard a banjo off in the woods somewhere playing the theme from Deliverance. Guess I'll raise the drawbridge.


October not off to a good start

A bad day all around for Vegas and music with the horrible shooting and also the loss of Tom Petty. How fleeting everything is . I can't wait to play with the band this Saturday.


Grateful part 2

Hello again, Here we go with part 2 of last blog rant. Thank you to those who follow this random series of words (all 2 or 3 of you).

 I am continuing with a few of what I consider our…


Grateful part 1

Hello everyone. We've come to the end of summer once again so thought I might throw out a few thoughts regarding our recent series of shows, gigs or whatever you want to call them. For me the first time I…