Put on your dancin' shoes, open your ears and join the  party! The THUGZ aka "tribal hippie underground zone" are sure to provide a fun time for all with their brand of original and classic jam rock.

 Based in western Sonoma County, Calif. this multi-faceted band has delighted music fans of all ages and tastes. Rock, blues, country, psychedelic and various world music styles blend together at a Thugz show to bring the "positive vibes" of the "60's into the 21st century. Informed by the music of Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Miles Davis and others the Thugz' original songs and cosmic jams help to create a fun, communal spirit between band and audience.

No two Thugz shows are exactly the same but the spirit and love of music

making are always present.

(for the story of the band name go to Mike's Rants page & "Name of the Rose")

 The Thugz are:

Mike Campbell - guitar, trumpet & vocals

Andre de Channes - guitar & vocals

Russ Kerger - keyboards & sax

John Shebalin - drums


John Paul Norris - bass




Sylvia Murphy - emeritus keyboards & vocals






THUGZ support staff:

Melanie Campbell - photography & event coordinator


'Drew Carpenter - sound and equipment tech (also guitar & vocals)

                          plus light show & bus driver and all sorts of other stuff


Spencer Campbell - video production & trumpet