load in, load out & load in again

2023 - It's been a while. Haven't posted since 2019 I think. A lot has changed with the band yet a lot has remained the same. The pandemic shut down, severe winters (for California anyway) and other unexpected events have…

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Shelter from the Storm

Our 10th annual Bob Dylan show has come and gone. It was quite an adventure .We set up on the newly refurbished Rio Nido Roadhouse stage with upgraded power and it's new stage lighting system.  We were ready.

 Rather quickly…

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Jingle Jangle Mornin'

For me, our annual Bob Dylan show is my favorite of all. This will be our 10th annual version. A while back I posted a a question on the Thugz Facebook page - what is your favorite Dylan song? Well…

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Skull & Roses come & gone "my oh my"

The Thugz have been as far north as Eureka and as far east as Reno but this was our first show in southern California. The Skull & Roses Festival at the Ventura County Fairgrounds was our destination. We made it…

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Goin' Down the Road

Away we go to Ventura to play at the Skull & Roses Festival at the fairgrounds. 3 days of bands playing Grateful Dead music. We know a few of those tunes so why not? Part of the idea of the…

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Trying to keep warm has been the main activity these past few months. Nothing like back in Maine, but for here, it has been a struggle. I'm sick of dealing with firewood but it is our only heat source except…

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Oh Well

At our last Cotati Caberat gig we were a bit short handed so in an attempt to make up for it I brought extra guitars. Not sure if it mattered but it was fun to play 'em all.

I totally…

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Ramble On

More of a random ramble of a rant/blog this time.

  Fall is here and things tend to slow down in the live music world around here. At the end of September I figured on just shutting down the band and…

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