Trying to keep warm has been the main activity these past few months. Nothing like back in Maine, but for here, it has been a struggle. I'm sick of dealing with firewood but it is our only heat source except for some electric heaters that soak up juice and don't do much. Oh well, spring will come maybe.

 I haven't written here for quite a stretch. I really thought I wouldn't return to the band this year but I decided to give it another blast. I started the band in 2001 and it actually has roots that go back much further. It's been a part of my life for a long time so I will attempt to keep on and see what we can do with it. Maybe this will be our farewell tour but we'll see. Anyway, a lot of bands these days have annual farewell tours. It's kind of trend. We do have a bunch of upcoming dates that could be a lot of fun For the first time in quite a while we will be leaving our west county home base for a few shows out of the area.  Maybe these feelings are just frozen winter nothings and we will be off on some great musical outings.       I've gotta put a log on.